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Laptop Power Jack Repair

The DC Power Socket is a very common breakdown on laptops, we see plenty of them every week. It is a known weak spot on Laptops, Notebooks and Netbooks.

The way that the power socket is located in the majority of laptops means that it is susceptible to some movement, the part itself is fragile, being held onto the board with very small and thin legs which make it very easy to damage.

The DC Power Jack on laptops and notebooks are not designed to take a lot of abuse. If the cord is allowed to place a lot of lateral pressure on the jack, then eventually the jack will fail. Any lateral, angular or any torque will eventually damage the internal power connection.

Your laptop requires laptop power socket repairs if it is showing any of the following symptoms:
  • The laptop only charges or powers on with the charger held in a specific position.
  • The laptop only runs on battery power.
  • The laptop gets no power at all.
  • The laptop will not charge the battery.
  • The laptop switches from mains to battery power intermittently.
  • The laptop randomly switches off.
  • The charging socket sparks when you plug the power lead in.

There are 3 ways in which a power jack is connected to the motherboard, the first is on a plug which connects directly to the board, the solder joints on the back of the power jack can become dry, cracked or the connection breaks completely.

The second sees the jack port soldered onto a separate board that connects to the motherboard and the third the jack port is connected directly to the motherboard itself. In both of these instances, either the power jack itself will be broken or there is a dry joint on one of the pins.

In each instance, we always replace the jack port itself as they wear over time, call or message us for a quote on your machine.

A laptop power socket repair video

Here are some LAPTOP POWER SOCKET REPAIRS we have carried out.