Boot problems resolved

boot problems resolved in St Helens

Boot Problems Resolved

Problems with a laptop booting up or failing to load windows?

There are various errors related to laptop boot problems, sometimes you get an error message stating that SMART has detected a disk error or a ‘Boot Device not found error’. These errors are related to a failure in the actual hard disk or it’s connection to the motherboard. There are further errors related to Windows not loading correctly, these can be hardware related but more often than not they are related to a software corruption.

We regularly see LAPTOP BOOTING ERRORS, laptops which have been working fine, shut down correctly however when the user boots it up the following day there are boot errors and there are no explanations as to what has caused the problem.

Hard drive failure and repairs

For instance, you could be left with a black screen with just a white mouse pointer, the machine may appear to be booting correctly and then just switch off and restart or you see the dreaded windows start-up repair in Windows 7, you may get a message saying NTLDR is missing or finally missing operating system. In Windows 8.1 or 10 you may get a message that Windows is repairing and then fails to do so.

Some of these errors relate to missing or corrupt system files, others point to the hard drive having failed. The important point for you, however, is that PC Doctor has experience resolving these problems on an almost daily basis, we can turn around these repairs very quickly and always at a fixed quote so that you know what you will pay before any work starts.

Sometimes the errors are so bad that a restore to factory settings is the only thing that will fix the laptop, the good news is that we do that repair for a fixed price too.

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Here are some LAPTOP BOOT ERRORS we have resolved.