laptop screen replacement st helens

Laptop screen replacement St Helens


The modern laptop screen is ultra thin and very easily damaged but that doesn’t have to signal the end of your laptop as a screen replacement is more often than not cheaper than replacing the machine. Our laptop screen replacement service in St Helens ensures a fast, reliable repair for every make and model of a laptop computer.

We carry a range of screens in stock, those repairs can often be carried out within the hour, where we don’t have a screen in stock we can get them in next day.

We provide a comprehensive laptop repair service, regardless of the problem we can have you back up and running quickly.

Symptoms that your laptop screen needs replacing

  • Smashed Screen
  • Cracked Screen
  • Screen Flickering
  • Screen goes on or off when moved
  • Lines on display
  • Loose or Broken hinges
  • Damage to lid or bezel
  • Display very dim or totally dark
  • No Display
  • .

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