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Windows 10 is a fantastic operating system but much like its predecessors, it suffers from a number of regular faults that need to be repaired.

The update feature of Windows 10 causes all kinds of issues, the worst being it gets stuck in a loop whereby it starts booting, fails then comes up with “diagnosing your machine” and reboots again. 9 times out of 10 this is caused by a failed update installation, the problem is now you cant access any of your data. We can sometimes recover this and log back into the machine and other times we have to back up your data and re-install Windows 10.

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In 2018 there is much talk of the good old desktop computer being dead, with the advent of more and more powerful tablets and mobile phones with screens as big as a small television on which people are spending more and more time browsing the internet it is a fair assumption, heck even google are editing their ranking algorithm to look at how websites display on mobile before desktop, a sure fire way of reading where things are headed in the future or are they? There are lots of things that you can do on a PC that you struggle with even on a laptop never mind a tablet or mobile phone which are great for simple browsing, making the odd note or ordering a takeaway on, on a Friday night but being small and being productive do not necessarily go together when you want to get some proper work done.

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Repairing your own computer

Computer repair near me | repairing your own computer

To start with before even considering repairing your own computer you are going to need to take on board some knowledge of how a computer works, how the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) interacts with all of the computer’s components, how the windows installation works with the bios and drives each of the computer’s components.

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Windows vista is end of life

Windows Vista – End of Life

From 11th April 2017, Windows Vista becomes End-of-life meaning Microsoft will cease all support and security updates.

This does not mean that your computer will stop working however due to Microsoft no longer producing security updates your machine will become more and more vulnerable to Malware and Viruses meaning you are more likely to be caught out by a phishing attack, Ransomware or similar. It also means that new software and hardware may be incompatible with Windows Vista, Google and Adobe stopped supporting windows vista a long time ago


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